Long time no see website…

The Digital Library Project:

This project is an old water pump station in Ferikoy, in a residential
community. My initial idea was a library, however this developed into a more modern idea about digital information and gathering information independently. I wanted to develop the idea of a library into a new
literacy experience gained to engage and interact with visitors. The routine of use for the digital library would be, entering, collecting a tablet at the collection point, scanning a catorgory QR code on the glass panels (such as fiction/non fiction/science/art) and then being able to browse the collection while sitting in any area of the building. Entering the glass box interior gives a different sense of enclosure, without touches ‘the edges’ and gives a futuristic feel, while the projection mapping on the sphere offers a serene ambiance and an added design interest/focal point.

Developing renderings of plans and sections:

(the images are quite small but if clicked on they are enlarged)


– – –


– – –


For the central sphere structure, i am designing the 3D video mapping visuals which will be projected from a top cross-bar structure and a small structure underneath the main plateau. 


– – –


– – –

graphic 1

– – –


April 1.100

– – –

Started into designing a furniture range suitable for digital reading

chair 1 render

– – –

chair 4 rendered

– – –

I moved into a ace new apartment, in sisli, away from the taksim area. It has a great rooftop which my friends and i have been taking advantage of.

rooftop mehtap

– – –

rooftop beers

– – –

rooftop lights

– –  –


– – –

University made bearable by the good weather….. 


– – –


I also required a very handsome canon camera from my uncle, expect lots of artsy looking pictures and landscaping in the next week when i get the film developed…

Has my turkish improved? slightly…. ‘bir berber, bir berbere gel beraber, bir berber dukkani acalim demis’ meaning something along the lines of ‘one barber said to another barber, lets open up another barber shop together’…. i am sure this will come in use when trying to describe my way home to the taxi driver.


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